Little Electric Pump & Parts

Little Electric Replacement Parts for the Maxi-Sweep III / Maxi-Sweep Pool & Fountain Portable Vacuum Systems / Commercial Pool Vacuum / Pool Cleaner
Clamp KnobLE-113$29.98Tank Body AssemblyLE-114$412.60Trap Cover AssemblyLE-115$157.43
Trap O RingLE-116$37.24Drain PlugLE-117$10.69Base with Motor PadLE-118Base with Motor Pad$83.93
Base WasherLE-119Base Washer$6.79Base ScrewLE-120Base Screw$14.98Motor PadLE-121Motor Pad$16.23
Diffuser Screw LE-122Diffuser Screw $7.38Diffuser Lock WasherLE-123Diffuser Lock Washer$5.87Hex Head ScrewLE-124Hex Head Screw$13.51